Ultimate Guide To Dometic Awnings


Dometic awnings are some of the best awnings on the market. With plenty of styles and options to choose from, it’s no wonder that so many RV owners are choosing Dometic as their brand of choice. Dometic awnings offer many benefits and perks to consumers. Here’s your ultimate guide to Dometic awnings!

What Is A Dometic Awning?

Available in a wide variety of styles, Dometic awnings are one of the higher-quality awnings on the market. Dometic offers premium cassette awnings which can attach directly to your vehicle, and since they are available in both manual and automatic, they can be easily set up or stowed by one person. If you need a new awning, Dometic is the way to go!

What Dometic Awning Do I Have?

One of the easiest ways to identify what Dometic awning you have is to look at the roller end caps. Dometic 8300 awnings have a hollow roller end cap, whereas Dometic 8500 awnings have a solid end cap. The 9000 series also has solid end caps but also includes an aluminum section on the first part of the canopy. 

Where Is The Dometic Awning Model Number?

You can find your Dometic awning model number by opening the awning. Then, on the right-hand side, facing the camper, there should be a small tag with the serial number and manufacturer’s number.

How Much Wind Can A Dometic Awning Take?

Most awnings are tested to withstand up to 20mph winds, not including gusts. However, you can reach out to your awning manufacturer with your model number to find out exactly how much wind your specific awning can handle while in the open position. 

How Do You Manually Open A Dometic Power Awning?

To manually open your Dometic power awning, locate and remove the rubber plug in the awning housing. You may need a ladder to comfortably reach this. Once you have removed the plug, use a drill and driver to rotate the nut under the rubber plug. Be sure that your awning has plenty of room to retract or extend, and double-check that your hands aren’t going to be pinched in the process.

How Do You Adjust A Dometic Awning?

To adjust your Dometic awning, make sure the center of the lead rail has closed and is tight to the awning box. If it is loose you may need to reset your motor.

Once everything is closed tightly, take a wrench and open the awning about 75% of the way. Loosen the nuts and slide both arms towards the lead rail about ⅛”. Tighten everything down and check for any looseness. If the lead rail is still loose, repeat the process until everything is tight. 

How To Replace The Fabric In A Dometic Awning

Replacing the fabric on your Dometic awning is simple and can be done by yourself, although it is easier and safer to have help. Here’s what you need to know!

  1. Extend your awning out about 2 feet and remove the screws holding the old fabric in place.
  2. Cut the old fabric above the roller and in its grooves to remove it. 
  3. Cut a new slot in the roller allowing for the new fabric to easily slide in.
  4. Smooth out any sharp edges on the roller to avoid rips in your new fabric.
  5. Once the fabric is oriented properly, slide the plastic piece into the groove on the roller.
  6. Return the locking screws and enjoy!

If you still have questions about your Dometic awning, reach out to an RV awning expert about how you can choose the right fabric for your Dometic awning.

We Can Help You!

RV Awnings specializes in making awning fabric of the highest standard and offers a variety of options. If you have any further questions or would like to order replacement fabric for your awning, call us today

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