Ultimate Guide To Carefree Awnings

Ultimate Guide To Carefree Awnings


Carefree awnings are one of the best options on the market. With so many options available at an affordable price, it’s easy to understand why they are so popular among RV owners. However, their popularity has led to a large interest which has generated some common questions. If you have a question or two about Carefree awnings, you’re not alone. Here are some of the most common questions about this brand and what you need to know before

What Is A Carefree Awning?

Carefree vinyl awnings are awnings constructed from the highest quality vinyl specs on the market. As a brand design, the lower part of these canopies are typically bright colors with the addition of stripes or fades. The top portion, on the other hand, is what’s referred to as Weatherguard. This helps protect the vinyl from sun, heat, fading, exposure to the elements, and much more. 

What Are The Types Of Carefree Awnings?

There are numerous types of Carefree awnings. Depending on your needs, there is likely a style for you. Some of the more common types of Carefree awnings are:

  • Manual
  • Power
  • Vertical arm
  • Lateral arm
  • Box patio
  • Slideout
  • Window
  • Over the door


Depending on your vehicle, you may need to look into one of these options. 

How Do I Know Which Carefree Awning I Have?

Carefree awnings can be easily identified by their part number or serial number which is located on the roller tube. Look inside of the front cover underneath the slat. The serial number is generally located on the deflector underneath the fabric.

How Do You Replace A Carefree Awning?

Replacing your Carefree awning is simple. Follow these steps for an easy replacement job!

  • Remove set screws that prevent the fabric from shifting in the mounting track.
  • Extend the awning
  • Remove set screws that secure the fabric at each end of of the roller tube
  • Remove the bolts that hold each end of the roller tube to the ends of the awning arms
  • Fold the awning arm, then latch it into place against the side of the RV
  • Remove the spring. Remember to count the number of turns so you can appropriately tighten it during replacement
  • Remove roller tube from awning arm
  • Take out the two screws from the end cap on the left side of the roller tube
  • Remove end cap and spring from the tube
  • Use a marker to put an A next to the track the awning goes into
  • Unclip the awning arm and remove the two bolts holding it to the RV
  • Slide old fabric out
  • Spray track with silicone spray
  • Insert new fabric
  • Reverse steps to reassemble the awning arms

How Do You Open A Carefree Awning Manually?

  • Open safety latches on each side of the awning
  • Loosen the knobs below the latches
  • Once everything is loosened and unlocked, grab the strap on your awning and pull it out.
  • Continue pulling until you see the inside of the aluminum bar
  • Slide the arms up until they click, locking the awning in place

How Do You Use A Carefree Electric Awning?

A Carefree electric awning is a great option for those who want quick and easy assembly. To use a Carefree electric awning, simply push the button on your patio switch until your awning is in the desired position. 

How Do I Clean My Carefree Awning?

Cleaning your Carefree awning is simple and easy to do. However, the process may take a few hours, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to follow each of the steps. Here’s what you need to know!

  • Take a spray bottle and fill it with one cleaner to four parts water. Dawn dish soap works well as it is a softer cleaner that will be gentler on the awning fabric.
  • Unroll your awning and spray the bottom with a heavy coat of your cleaning solution
  • Roll your awning up and let the solution sit for about an hour
  • Unroll your awning again and spray it down with the hose
  • Let your awning air dry in the sun for a few hours

Carefree awnings are an excellent choice for any RV driver. If you are experiencing problems with your RV awning or need to replace your fabric, reach out to a qualified RV awning fabric expert today!

We Can Help You!

RV Awnings specializes in making awning fabric of the highest standard and offers a variety of options. If you have any further questions or would like to order replacement fabric for your awning, call us today.

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