Tips for Planning an RV Trip

Tips for Planning an RV Trip


Traveling and weekend trips are a great way to step away from the stress of daily living and refresh yourself. The key to a successful trip is to prevent unexpected problems by planning ahead. Let’s take a closer look at planning an RV trip.

How Can You Plan a Successful RV Trip?

Before you plan your trip, check out these tips to help you plan the perfect RV road trip.

1. Know the rules and restrictions of your destination.

Look for campsite rules online, or call ahead. Share the restrictions with anyone joining you on your trip. This will help you plan for the expected conduct and behavior.

2. Pack wisely.

Check the weather forecast, make a list of trip activities (such as swimming or hiking), and make a list of supplies. If you aren’t sure exactly what to pack for an RV trip, look for an RV packing checklist.

3. Set a budget in place.

One of the most important things you can do when planning an RV trip is to set up your travel budget. Know exactly how much you want to spend in each area (food, gas, souvenirs, etc.), and stick to it.

4. Get familiar with your RV.

If you are renting an RV or you haven’t spent much time in it yet, make sure you know all of its features and functions. Read over the owner’s manual so that you know what to do in case of emergencies.

5. Create a travel schedule.

RV traveling is all about maintaining a balance between planning and flexibility. Making a travel schedule will help you utilize your trip time wisely, but don’t be afraid to deviate occasionally.

6. Inspect your RV.

Even before you begin planning an RV trip, you should make sure everything in and on your RV is in proper working order.

What Does an RV Inspection Checklist Look Like?

Inspecting your RV could involve a number of things, but generally speaking, you should check off the following few items:

1. Check tires, oil, etc.

Anything you would do for a regular vehicle before a road trip, you should also do for your RV. This can help prevent unexpected breakdowns halfway to your destination.

2. Clean the inside of your RV.

Keeping the inside of your RV tidy will help improve the quality of your trip. Working with limited space can often be stressful, and organization can eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed.

3. Clean your RV awnings.

It is a good rule of thumb to clean your RV awning before and after every trip. Gently scrub with warm water, soap, and a soft-bristled brush. This protects the quality and increases the lifespan of the awning.

Going on a Weekend Trip? Here’s How to Plan

Taking a long weekend trip is less intense than an all-out two-week vacation, but it still requires some planning. If the trip is arranged beforehand, it is easier to be flexible with your schedule and to relax fully. So, before you head out on your long weekend trip, consider these points.

1. Keep travel time proportional to trip time.

You don’t want to spend more time getting to and from your destination than you spend at your destination. Take the time to look at maps to find out how far it is to drive or fly to different areas. Start by highlighting places near your home and move out from there.

2. Research your destination.

Once you have decided on a place you would like to visit over a long weekend, begin looking into what activities and sites that place offers. Make a list of the things you must do, and then list what you would like to do if you have time. This will help you focus as you plan out the rest of the trip.

3. Budget before you leave.

A weekend trip is usually meant to be budget-friendly, not break the bank. In order to keep it that way, set a budget before you leave. Decide what you want to spend on travel expenses, accommodations, food, site-seeing, activities, souvenirs, etc., before you leave town.

4. Don’t wing your accommodations.

Since the expense of accommodations can significantly affect your budget, be sure to plan where you will stay before you go. If you are traveling in an RV, you don’t have to worry about accommodations, but if you aren’t, save money by booking in advance.

5. Choose one main activity for the weekend.

Since you’ve already made a list of your must-do activities, try to focus on one main activity and let everything else move around it. This will allow you to see what you really want to see and hopefully fit in some other things as well.

6. Have a schedule, but be flexible.

Travel requires flexibility. No one can predict what will happen on the road or in a new place, so schedule flexibility at the outset. Having a schedule will actually make it easier to be flexible.

7. Keep an eye on the weather.

Weather can change the course of your trip, so it is best to watch it and prepare for it. If you know the forecasted weather at your destination, you will be able to pack appropriately.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

There are many reasons to take a long weekend trip. Some people choose to go to relax from a busy schedule, while others want a little adventure or time with friends. Whatever reason you have for hitting the road, keep these things in mind.

1. A weekend trip can be solitary or friend-filled.

Decide if the weekend trip you need now is best made alone or with a group. If you choose to go with friends, ensure everyone is on board with the destination and the activities.

2. RV traveling is better with accessories.

If you choose to take to the road in an RV, be sure to bring along some accessories.  Things like awnings and sunshades will make your time on the road even better.

3. If you are traveling with children, plan out stops.

If you have kids with you on your weekend trip, remember that they will need to take more breaks than an average adult, so be prepared for this. To avoid any messes or emotional outbursts, go ahead and plan your stops in advance. By scheduling out bathroom and food breaks, you can stay on schedule, and everyone in the vehicle will know what to expect, making the trip a lot smoother.

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