Tips for Driving Your RV in the Snow

Tips for Driving Your RV in the Snow


Driving your RV in the snow can be a fun adventure! However, the slippery roads can make things tricky. Ensuring your RV is ready before you start your snowy trip is essential. Here are some tips for driving your RV in the snow!

Is it safe to travel by RV in the winter?

Traveling in an RV during the winter can be safe and fun if you’re well-prepared. Before hitting the road, ensure your RV is ready for cold weather. This means checking the heating, ensuring you have winter tires, and adding antifreeze. Driving in snow and ice is tricky, so learn how to brake gently and what to do if your RV slides. Always watch the weather forecast, as winter weather can change quickly. Packing an emergency kit with things like blankets, food, and a snow shovel is also smart. Always choose safe routes in the winter, and take plenty of breaks.

Even though winter RV trips need extra planning, they can be amazing. You’ll see beautiful snowy landscapes and enjoy quiet campgrounds, making all the preparation worth it.

How do you drive an RV in the snow?

First off, slow down and give yourself plenty of room to stop. Snow and ice can make roads slippery, so it takes longer to slow down or stop. Use gentle moves when you steer, brake, or accelerate to avoid skidding. Keeping your lights on is also a good idea so other drivers can see you better in the snow. Before you leave, clear off all the snow from your RV so you can see clearly and others can see you. If the snow starts falling heavily, sometimes it’s safest to find a parking spot and wait it out.

Do RVs need chains in the snow?

RVs might need chains in the snow, especially where snow and ice make the roads slippery. Chains help increase traction, making driving on snowy or icy surfaces safer. Many places with heavy winter weather require vehicles to carry chains during certain months or under specific weather conditions. Before you travel, it’s essential to check the local laws of the areas you’ll be driving through to see if chains are required for your RV.

Investing in an RV Awning

Once you reach your campground in the winter, an RV awning becomes an invaluable addition to your setup, offering crucial protection from the snow. An awning extends the usable space of your RV, creating a covered area outside your door where you can enjoy the fresh air without being directly exposed to falling snow. It acts like a shield, preventing snow from accumulating directly in front of your RV entrance, which helps keep the interior clean as you won’t be tracking in as much snow.

However, it’s essential to manage your awning properly in snowy conditions. Heavy snow accumulation on the awning fabric can lead to damage, so you’ll need to clear off the snow regularly.

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