Replacing An RV Slideout Topper

Replacing An RV Slideout Topper


An RV slideout is a great improvement to any RV as it provides you extra space to move around on long trips. Often paired with this is a form of protection for your RV called a slideout topper which, due to the nature of its job, you may have found yourself needing to replace. The following information will help you with replacing an RV slideout topper allowing you to continue to keep your slideout in top condition! 

What Is An RV Slideout Topper?

So what does a slideout topper do and why should you buy replacement fabric? A slideout topper’s job is to help keep the slideout in top condition. This topper is made up of a strong fabric that keeps the weather or debris away from the roof so it doesn’t come in contact with the rig when you pull the RV slideout back in. As you can see this shield will help a lot during your day-to-day and will keep you from having major problems with your vehicle down the line.  

RV Slideout Topper Materials

As mentioned before a slideout topper is made up of a reel and a fabric. Picking your replacement fabric can be quite difficult due to the wide array of materials on the market. Research and weigh your options as each material has different pros and cons. Some great materials to consider include vinyl and acrylic as they are both durable and water-resistant. 

How To Replace An RV Slide Topper

Now that you have your replacement fabric it’s time to put everything together and get your brand new slide topper up and running! Listed below are some quick steps to help you with your RV awning replacement.

  • Extend your awning out and remove the screws holding the old fabric in place.
  • Cut the old fabric both somewhere above the roller and in its grooves to remove it. 
  • Cut a new slot in the roller allowing for the new fabric to slide in easily.
  • Smooth out any sharp edges on the roller to avoid ripping your replacement fabric.
  • Once the fabric is oriented properly, slide the plastic piece into the groove on the roller.
  • Finally put back in the locking screws and enjoy!

If you have any more questions then reach out to a professional. They make it their mission to help you in situations such as this. All allowing for you to return back to the open road as quickly as possible!

We Can Help You!

RV Awnings specializes in making awning fabric of the highest standard and offers a variety of options. If you have any further questions or would like to order replacement fabric for your awning, call us today.

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