Is it bad to leave your RV awning open?

Is it bad to leave your RV awning open?


There is nothing better than relaxing under the shade of an RV awning. After a long day of driving and setting up camp, getting that time for yourself is a necessary aspect of the RV experience. Because of the benefits it provides, you may be tempted to leave your RV awning open all the time. However, this is a dangerous game. Although RV awnings provide a shield for you they are not invincible. Being able to identify the times when it is appropriate to close your RV awning is a necessary skill for any owner. Let’s go over the moments when you need to put the RV awning away.

Should I leave my awning out in the rain?

Leaving your awning out in the rain is a great way to protect yourself and your furniture from the wet weather on a camping trip. If their fabric is waterproof, RV awnings are more than capable of withstanding a little rain. By their design, they are supposed to protect you from the elements. This includes both the sun and the rain. With that being said, not every awning is built the same so make sure that you buy one that is able to stay strong during a downfall.

Can you leave an awning out in the wind?

Retracting your awning in the event of heavy winds is a wise decision. If left unattended for too long then damage could occur to the fabric or the mechanism. This lack of attention could lead to expensive and unnecessary repairs. If you do decide to leave your RV awning open in the wind then make sure that you are monitoring it closely.

Overall, there is very little reason to leave your awning out during high winds. RV awnings protect you from the sun and the rain however they serve their purpose vertically. If the wind sends something at you horizontally then your RV awning is not going to do that much for you.

When should I close my awning?

You should close your awning in the event that you are facing heavy weather. Storms, tornadoes, and blizzards can ruin your awning if you are not careful. You should also make sure that you prepare for these events in advance. Trying to worry about your awning while lightning is striking from the sky is a great way to put yourself in danger. Bearing that in mind, keeping up with the weather forecast is imperative on your camping trips.

If you have clear skies or light rain it is still a good idea to close your awning every once in a while. As sticks, puddles, and sap naturally build up on your awning’s fabric it will start to deteriorate. Rolling it up will take care of these things in the process. It is important to note that rolling up your RV awning, although good, is not a replacement for its cleaning process. Neglecting the maintenance of your RV awning is going to shorten its lifespan by a great deal.

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