How to Open a Trailer Awning

How to Open a Trailer Awning


Going camping with a trailer awning is an unforgettable experience for many. With that being said, it is important to have a good grasp on how to open a trailer awning so you do not get stuck on your trip!

Opening a Trailer Awning

Find the Right Spot

To successfully open your trailer awning you first need to make sure that you are on the right surface. A flat level ground that is legal for use is imperative to achieve a great experience. You also need to make sure that there is an appropriate amount of space for the awning to stretch out.

Remove the Locks

Manual awnings often include travel locks. You will find them in the awning’s front and rear arms. Trailer awnings are generally locked with velcro or tied with a piece of fabric. Awnings also include rafter knobs that need to be loosened while the awning is moved.

Use the Awning Rod

Once the locks are removed it is time to take out your awning rod to unlock the sheet. Take the rod to your trailer awning and use it to switch the locking lever into the correct position. Upon doing this it is finally time to carefully roll down the awning.

Lock the Rafter Arms

If the trailer awning is spring-loaded then your next step is to take both rafter arms and slide them into place. Pushing down on them will add tension to the awning keeping it stretched out and in place.

Extend the Awning Arms

The final step is to extend the awning arms to their desired position. It is common practice to position them in a manner that allows the fabric to slope down. Doing this allows water and gravel to slide right off the material.

Closing a Trailer Awning

Clean Off Your Trailer Awning

You can not roll your trailer awning back into place until you clear off the debris it picked up. Failure to do so could result in tears and damage to the fabric creating a need for replacement.

Lower the Awning Arms

If your awning has spring-loaded arms then lower each of them and loosen the knobs. You should then pull the arms back gently until they click into place.

Lower the Rafter Arms

After you have lowered the awning arms it is time to lower the rafter arms. Pull them back until they are in their proper position.

Roll in the Trailer Awning

Take out your awning rod and turn the switch until it hits the roll-up or close mode. Take ahold of the strap loop in the middle of the awning and guide it until the trailer awning has rolled back into place.

Packing it up

Finally, you want to take your awning rod and put the lever back into its locked position. You should then tighten the rafter knobs and put them back on the travel lock.

We Can Help You!

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